Saturday, 24 October 2009

Arse stuck at work!! and a Blowout?!................

Two photos of the Little Bittern
at Cossington Meadows LRWT.
(copyright of Jim Graham).

As usual after taking a week off from work, and back to work on the Monday the megas turn up!
Firstly, Jim Graham found a Little Bittern down at Cossington Meadows, the first live sighting in Leicestershire period and a mega tick for the local patch. But as I was stuck at work I couldn't do anything about until the next day at the earliest. So to cut a long story short I spent the next two days at this site trying to re find the Bittern, but as usual the bird had probably flown the previous night? (I did however get a Soar Valley Tick though in the form of a Barn Owl hunting over the swan meadow, which was small compensation!).
Following this two days later after I checked out Rutland Water for the Red-throated Divers and a variety of wildfowl in the north arm(Whooper Swans and Common Scoters), I had a major blowout on my front left tyre driving towards Preston village on my way to Eyebrook Res!
So as I didn't have the back-up team for Sebastian Loeb rally car it took me the next two hours to change the wheel.
So when I returned home later in the evening, what goes and happens but the bloody MEGA alert goes off and an Eastern Crowned Warbler (first record for the UK- see link above) has been found at South Shields in Geordieland!!, and I knew that I couldn't do anything about it as I was stuck at work until the Monday at least.

Update on Sunday morning:
So as I write this I know that the warbler has buggered off saturday night and pleased that I don't have to make the journey up to geordieland, fight the twitching masses to see the bird and hopefully in a year or so time the drunkbirders will find one on Shetland?! He's hoping.....................
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