Monday, 5 October 2009

I spoke too soon............Pec Sand at EBR!

After finishing my latest entry(see below) and what goes and happens but a Pectoral Sandpiper is found at Eyebrook Reservoir! (Thanks to John and Colin for letting me of the bird).

Although I didn't need it for the year as I had connected with the two spring birds at Cossington Meadows, you never say no to a Yankee wader in the county. So after finishing my early shift at the general hospital, I was soon at EBR, but one slightly problem happen as I got out of car, the bloody thing flew off!, Bugger!!
So over the next half an hour I searched for the bird around the island but of course I should have just gone to the inflow end as the bird reappeared there in the matter of a few minutes.
Reaching the inflow end I meet up with Dave Mack and his daughter Hilde and spoke about next week if a biggy was found on the Scillies?
Scoping from the roadside I picked up the Sandpiper in a large group of Lapwings as it feed on the muddy shoreline, and as usual I took a few crappy record shots of the bird.
The only other notable sightings I saw at the inflow end included one male Red-crested Pochard and a couple of Pintails before driving home to watch the Ospreys play Edinburgh via BBC Wales to gem myself up for the forthcoming Tigers v Ospreys game next weekend.
So on the whole not a bad afternoon and I just wondered if any county in the UK has had three Pec Sands in one year?
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