Thursday, 8 October 2009

Lists..............slightly worrying!!

As I'm currently on my last night shift for the week and to pass the boredom I thought I would look up the different lists I keep. I don't know if its me or not but most birders or even males seem to have an Asperger's syndrome trait when collecting different lists.
Looking up the different lists which I keep range from my current BOU list through to the number of orchids species I have seen in the UK and finishing with the list of Cetaceans I have seen in European and UK Waters.
Here is a list of the current lists I keep!!
Bird Lists:
BOU List: 435 species
Leicestershire (VC 55) List: 247+ two heard only (Bearded Tit and Lapland Bunting).
Local Patch List: Soar Valley, Leicestershire 183 species.
Midlands Region List: Not sure but probably close to 300 species?
Leicestershire Day List: 110 species seen on 29th April 2007 with help from Mr Rob Fray (county record).
Orchid Lists:
UK Orchid List: up to the present day 38 species + numerous varieties and hybrids seen out of a possible 56 species recorded in the UK.
Leicestershire Orchid List: 15 species out of a possible 23 species recorded on the VC plant list.
Cetacean Lists:
UK waters Cetacean List: 9 species seen in the UK.
European Waters Cetacean List: 21 species mostly seen in Biscay and off the Canaries.
Dragonfly List:
UK Dragonfly List: Not sure how many I have seen but probably in the mid forties?
Butterfly List:
UK Butterfly List: Again not sure how many I have seen in the UK but probably around 40 species seen.

So looking at the list I keep at least 11different lists of the birds, animals and plants I have recorded over the last thirty years I have been interested in wildlife. Possible due to my lack of sleep I think this is slightly worrying?!
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