Monday, 17 March 2008

Anything for the weekend Sir? Spring migrants please!

Over the weekend between watching the rugby,I've actually did a bit of birding.
On Friday,I went down the Soar Valley,to see if the Great White Egret was still around, but as usual with Great White Egrets in Leicestershire at the moment,there was no sign of the bird in the surrounding area.
Although a pager message stated that the Egret was showing well from Plover Hide at Wanlip Meadows,when I got there I could only find a Little Egret on the scrape. Somebody had made a mistake!
After taking a few record shots of the Egret I moved onto Eyebrook Reservoir, and finally connected with the elusive Green-winged Teal, which was feeding at the inflow end.
Also it was good to see the Eyebrook crew (Mick,Phil and Peter),and good general banter of the local birding scene was discussed over the next hour or so!
The only other sightings I saw during the hour at Eyebrook was four Dunlins and a single Ringed Plover.
On Saturday before the rugby(that another story!),I visited Cropston Reservoir and Swithland Reservoir in the morning. As usual there was not much of note at Cropston, except for a couple of Mandarin ducks.
At Swithland Reservoir,the two Smew were still around near the dam,and actually showing quite well, but like Cropston there was still no sign of any spring migrants.
On Sunday, I did the same thing checking out Swithland and Cropston Reservoirs,but this time around,I finally connected with my first spring migrants with at least 50+ Sand Martins flying around the reservoir. It was great to see, and just think these birds were probably in Africa a couple of months ago!
Moving on to Swithland,highlights included the long-staying Smew,a Raven calling over the reservoir and at least 20 Sand Martins.
Taking a break for a nice cup of tea and a peanut muffin around Ms Mole's house,I returned to Swithland Reservoir in late afternoon to see an adult Mediterranean Gull in the gull roost, which Steve Lister had find earlier.
So I have finally seen my first spring migrants of the year,and over the next six weeks I should find a few more!
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