Thursday, 13 March 2008

Great White Egret at Birstall nature reserve!

Whilst counting ducks down at Watermead CP North I found an adult Great White Egret sitting in trees at Birstall nature reserve.
When I first saw the bird,I thought it was an Egret, but what species?
Viewing the bird through my scope I confirmed my suspicions that it was a Great White Egret.
After that I was straight on my mobile and phoned a number of birding friends of my find.
First to arrive was Allen Pocock who congratulate me on my find, followed by Steve Lister the county recorder, and then local birder Pete Jessop.
We watched the bird for the next hour or so until I decided to finish the wildfowl count and to get some dinner.
Please that I had find the bird,it got me thinking that probably this bird was the one seen earlier in January 2008 at Cossington Meadows LRWT, and maybe even the bird seen as far back in the Soar Valley area circa 2005!?
Hopefully this time around the Egret will not been so dam elusive, and show for the local birders this weekend.

Thanks to Jim Graham for supplying the Egret photo.
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