Thursday, 27 March 2008

Avocets on my Birthday! 28th March 2008.

After finishing my shift at the General Hospital, I drove over to Eyebrook Reservoir to look for the reported Avocets.
Stopping at the inflow end, I saw the two birds almost straight away after I had got out of the car, feeding in the shallows. As the birds were reasonably close, I took a few record digis shots of the birds.
In the same area, were a couple of Little Ringed Plovers and the now long-staying two Green winged Teals, a single Dunlin and at least eight Redshanks.
At around the same time, Colin Towe and Chris Lythall(Leicester's Top Listers!?!) drove up and joined me watching the birds at the inflow end. Over the next hour, as usual good general banter was talked about, ranging from my new scope to cutting the hedge at Eyebrook!
Just before I was about to leave for home, two Peregrines(male and Juv/female-type) flew over the inflow, sending the flocks of ducks and waders into a panic.
After this sighting I made my way home to get ready for an evening of drinking to celebrate my birthday, but that's another story!
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